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How much does a french horn rental cost?

The month to month price of renting a french horn can range from $65 to $120

This depends on if the instrument is new or used or if it is a student or step up model. 

There are other things that can influence the rental rate of a french horn:

  • Material - Most French horns are either single F or double F/Bb.  Student models will typically have durable nickel/silver inner and outer slides.  
  • Brand/Manufacturer - Quality instruments are made of better materials, play in tune, and withstand wear and tear of a young musician learning to make their first sounds.
  • Repair - Is the instrument maintenance and damage covered with the rental payment? Does it come with a mouthpiece and case as well?
  • Service - Does a local music store service and support my local school and community? Is there a pick up and delivery scheduled to my child's school?
  • Accessories - Does the instrument include any basic accessories to care for the instrument?
  • Upgrade Option - What will happen if my student outgrows the student model and can benefit from an upgrade?

Many parents realize, finding the cheapest rental rate is not always the right option. Instead, it is smart to look at the program as a whole package that combines a quality instrument with services that give your child the best opportunity of success in playing a musical instrument.

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