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Move over, summer – a new school year is happening!

The back-to-school time of year has always been one of our favorite moments.

Summertime has ended. Kids are so excited to be back in school. And here at Buddy Roger’s Music we are ready to fulfill orders for kids who are getting back to playing music.

School bells ring – and so do early alarm clocks. Every school year floats on a sea of schedules: school functions, lunch menus and music lessons. Getting back into your school routine after a long summer break is important for success but it’s not always easy! We’ve got some tricks and tips for you to make that transition easy!

Our tricks and tips:

  • 1.Get to bed sooner
  • 2.Eat a good breakfast
  • 3.Reinitiate your practice routine
  • 4.Take your instrument in for a “check-up”

What will WE at Buddy Roger’s Music do?

Buddy Roger's Music has a full professional staff of technicians who do repair, maintenance, and cleaning on hundreds of instruments in the Cincinnati area. An important development in musical instrument cleaning has been the use of ultrasonic technology in cleaning instruments and mouthpieces. Scientific studies confirm that the use of ultrasonic is very effective in the removal of bacteria and pathogens from surfaces. Our thorough ultrasonic chemical cleaning process is valuable in the ongoing maintenance of the instruments as well as sanitizing advantages.

The process includes:

  • 1.Complete disassembly
  • 2.Ultrasonic cleaning treatment
  • 3.Hand scrub tubing and polish slides
  • 4.Rinse and dry
  • 5.Reassemble with new corks, felts, and fresh high-quality lubricants
  • 6.Play test Instruments

Getting ready for the new school year doesn’t have to be filled with wretched misery. With the right attitude and steps, your upcoming year will be happy and successful. Nothing is more exciting than back to school!