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Musical Instrument and Mouthpiece Care and Sanitization

It’s what we do every day at Buddy Roger's Music

The current situation with the spread of COVID 19 has brought to the forefront of conversation, personal hygiene and methods to minimize the spread of diseases. Washing hands, avoiding social contact, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces are all ways to help prevent the spread of this disease.

Those of us who work with band instruments are keenly aware of the possibility of spreading germs through the sharing of musical instruments and lack of proper steps to clean mouthpieces. In many school situations, instruments are used by multiple students. Every day in our processing of repairs and rental returns, our repair shop staff put instruments and mouthpieces through cleaning and sanitizing processes.

What should YOU do?

In the home environment, cleaning mouthpieces on woodwind and brass instruments is relatively simple, and should be done on a weekly basis for students that play every day in school.

Our suggested process is:

1. Immerse the mouthpiece in warm water with a few drops of dish detergent and then scrub gently with a mouthpiece brush or toothbrush.

2. Rinse thoroughly.

3. Immerse the mouthpiece in a disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide for one minute.

4. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Reeds really cannot be adequately cleaned or sanitized, so should be discarded if worn out or chipped. The exception are plastic or synthetic reeds which can be done with the same process as the mouthpiece. (Above)

As far as the instrument itself is concerned, Brass instruments can be disassembled and cleaned in a warm bath with some dish detergent. Tubing can be cleaned out with “snake” brushes and valve casing brushes. Brushes for these purposes can be purchased in care kits or as individual items. Proper reassembly and lubrication is important after the instrument is rinsed and allowed to dry.

Woodwind instrument bodies require professional disassembly and cleaning to do a thorough cleaning or sanitizing. That process is recommended annually or as needed if significant residue builds up on the inside and outside of the instrument.

What will WE at Buddy Roger's Music do?

Buddy Roger's Music has a full professional staff of technicians who do repair, maintenance, and cleaning on hundreds of instruments in the Cincinnati area. An important development in musical instrument cleaning has been the use of ultrasonic technology in cleaning instruments and mouthpieces. Scientific studies confirm that the use of ultrasonics very effective in the removal of bacteria and pathogens from surfaces. Our thorough ultrasonic chemical cleaning process is valuable in the ongoing maintenance of the instruments as well as sanitizing advantages.

The process includes:

1. Complete disassembly

2. Ultrasonic cleaning treatment

3. Hand scrub tubing and polish slides

4. Rinse and dry

5. Reassemble with new corks, felts, and fresh high-quality lubricants

6. Play test

Instruments that have the professional ultrasonic chem cleaning process done annually have longer lasting playing qualities and better hygienic for the player.


Bring your mouthpiece to our shop at any time during business hours we will gladly ultrasonically clean it for free while you wait.

REPAIR SHOP - 6891 Simpson Avenue 45239