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"Stepping Up" Your Trumpet Students

Hey Trumpet Teachers,

Have your students ever run into the following problems?

  • Overblowing the horn
  • Dull, compact sound
  • Valve slides not responding, no matter how well oiled they are

It’s probably time for them to get a step-up (intermediate) trumpet. 

Some things to look for in a step-up trumpet:

  • Handcrafted valves using Monel or stainless steel which react faster and require less lubrication.
  • First and third valve slides move faster and smoother.
  • One-piece bell and silver finish resulting in sound becoming deeper and more focused.
  • Medium large to large bore, encouraging student to use fuller air to create a more mature sound.
  • Quality mouthpieces included with the horns.

Most parents and teachers don’t know that trumpet students who are successful at All State, Solo and Ensemble, and regional honor bands are playing intermediate trumpets. Bands with more step-up instruments result in a mature ensemble.

Recommended Brands: The listed brands have been selected to offer a range of instruments and prices for an advancing student.


John Packer





When's the best time to switch?

There is no specific timetable for a student to step-up their trumpet. If a student is able to tell a difference between playing a student and a step-up horn, it is probably time to consider purchasing/ renting a step-up trumpet. If a student’s progress is being hindered by the trumpet, it is probably time to step-up the instrument.