Instrument Brands We Carry

For school band, professional musicians or just for a hobby, we carry all the necessary and best quality instruments for any woodwind or brass player. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our select dealers and manufacturers from all around the world to provide you, the end user, with an exceptional product backed with the service and peace of mind you deserve.

Yamaha Shokunin Select Dealer

Accent Musical Instruments

Eastman Music Company (Haynes, Backun, Shires)

Conn-Selmer (Bach, C.G.Conn, Selmer, King, Holton, LeBlanc, Musser, Ludwig, Armstrong, Yanagisawa)
KHS Music (Jupiter, Mapex, Hercules, Majestic, Altus Azumi)

Yamaha Wind Instruments


Schilke Music Products


Trevor James Flutes

Pearl Flutes

Buffet Crampon (Antoine Courtios, Powell Flutes)



For the quickest way to a comprehensive list of what instruments we carry and available stock, please contact our Showroom at 513.931.6780 or

*To protect exclusivity clauses between certain dealer networks, not all of our available brands are represented on this list. Please contact us directly for more information regarding those brands

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