Rental Plan


  • Month to Month - you pay monthly for the use of the instrument. Your monthly rate payment goes toward the price of that instrument or an upgrade later down the road.

  • No Obligation - return the instrument at anytime 

  • Upgraded Mouthpiece - all of our student model instruments come with an upgraded mouthpiece conducive to your beginning musician

  • Worry Free Rental - The instrument is covered for ALL maintenance, repair, loss or stolen.

  • Full Exchange Privileges - move into another instrument or upgrade in minutes.


Which Instrument Should My Child Play?

Your child is capable of learning to play any instrument in which they have expressed an interest. Their teacher can guide them in a preferred choice based on physical characteristics, aptitude, demonstrated ability or opportunity for future growth and advancement.

What If Their Initial Choice Doesn’t Work Out?

Ultimately, the only way to tell if your child has selected the proper instrument is to put it in their hands and let them try. For most students, their first choice is the right choice. If your child seems to have trouble with the instrument, talk with their music teacher immediately. If another instrument is recommended, you may exchange the initial instrument for any other instrument available on our Rent Plan. There is no additional charge to exchange and the amount of the rental fees already paid will transfer to the instrument you are receiving up to the purchase price of the replacement instrument.

Do We Have To Keep The Instrument A Specific or Minimum Amount of Time?

No. The initial period is a one month FREE trial period. After that, you may continue to rent on a month by month basis for as long as you wish or you may return the instrument at any time.

What is The Loss Coverage?

This coverage protects you from costly repairs should the instrument be damaged, lost or stolen while you are leasing. It also includes regular maintenance, adjustments, and a replacement instrument should the instrument need to be replaced. This provides worry free coverage while your child uses the instrument – all with no deductible!

In Less Words:

  • Rent Your Instrument: Until you own it, or until you return it, it is up to you.
  • Return Any Time: No long term commitment.
  • Easy Exchange: Transfer your payments to another instrument if your child changes instruments.
  • Repair & Replacement Coverage: We'll take care of routine repairs, accidental damage, and loss due to fire or theft.
  • Free Loaners: We'll provide a loaner when your instrument comes in for repair so your student doesn't miss valuable classroom time. Loaners are offered when available.
  • Free Delivery: To and from your school with our regular delivery.
  • Purchase Outright and Save: If you choose, you may pay off your instrument balance in full and save 25%!


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