Why Rent an Instrument?


Why Rent Your Instrument From Buddy Roger's Music?

Since 1957, Buddy Roger's Music has been a family-owned and operated business in Cincinnati, Ohio. Buddy Roger's Music is proud to help thousands of beginning and advancing school musicians every year with their instrument, accessory and music needs. We provide a variety of rental options to fit everyone's needs and we offer the largest selection of instruments preferred by local band directors. Here are the basics of the student rental plan:

    • Month to Month - you pay monthly for the use of the instrument. Your monthly rate payment goes toward the price of that instrument or an upgrade later down the road.

    • No Obligation - return the instrument at anytime 

    • Upgraded Mouthpiece - all of our student model instruments come with an upgraded mouthpiece conducive to your beginning musician

    • Worry Free Rental - The instrument is covered for ALL maintenance, repair, loss or theft.

    • Full Exchange Privileges - move into another instrument or upgrade in minutes.

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