RENT-TO-OWN an Encore Select Instrument

  • Intermediate Level Instruments:  At any point while renting a student band instrument, 100% of net rental payments* (up to 24 months) can be applied toward a select Intermediate Encore Step-Up Instrument.  Once this credit is applied, the intermediate instrument may be rented using our Rent to Own plan or purchased outright.
  • Professional Level Instruments:  At any point while renting a student band instrument, 100% of net rental payments* (up to 24 months) can be applied toward a Professional Grade Instrument. Professional Instruments are available for outright purchase only.

* Net Monthly Rental Payments are Total Monthly Rental Payments less tax, Loss Coverage Fees.

Customers who own a student level instrument (i.e. customers whose rental instruments are paid off) may be eligible for trade in credit and are encouraged to contact us. To inquire about upgrading to an Intermediate or Professional Band Instrument, please complete the form below, visit one of our retail stores, or call 513-931-6780.


 Excellent quality instruments are essential for a great performance. Select instruments have been chosen and recommended by teachers for your advancing student musician. A step-up instrument encourages long-term commitment to music and their band program.



These instruments provide a larger, richer sound and allow the better player to perform at a higher level.


Encore Select Instruments have been engineered with greater precision and use only the finest materials to achieve better intonation and response.


These instruments offer advanced features that enable musicians to play faster, have more control and play extended ranges.

Flute: Solid silver headjoint, Low B foot, Open holes


Clarinet: Grenadilla wood, silver-plated keys


Saxophone: Handmade features, ergonomic keys


Trumpet: One piece bell, larger bore size, silver-plated finish, better bracing


French Horn: Kruspe or Geyer wrap double horn, detachable bell, bell throat taper


Trombone: Larger bore size, F-attachment trigger, larger bell size, large shank mouthpiece


Euphonium: Compensating, four valves, optional silver-plated finish